Nardi Lawyers are your comprehensive, compassionate, and dedicated criminal lawyers serving Craigieburn. We understand that criminal law matters can affect various areas of your life, including ongoing family law matters and future insurances and career prospects.

When you reach out to our team, we will respond to you quickly and provide clarity on the best steps forward based on your circumstances.

View our criminal law page for further information or contact our team directly for urgent matters.

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Have You Been Charged with an Offence? Get Criminal Law Advice for Craigieburn Locals

Being formally interviewed by the police or receiving criminal charges can be a confronting process. If you have been charged by the police, we highly recommend calling our criminal lawyers in Craigieburn immediately. No matter the date or the time of day, Nardi Lawyers will respond.

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You are also entitled to call a relative or friend, and you should ask to do this after speaking with a lawyer,

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We are experts in family law, criminal law, intervention orders, and traffic law, operating across all courts in Victoria. Understanding the urgency and financial aspects of your case, we offer responsive legal support.

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At Nardi Lawyers, our committed team of criminal defence lawyers in Melbourne offers expert representation for various criminal law matters. Whether you're dealing with assault, family violence, drug offences, theft, sexual offences, or considering an appeal, we provide tailored legal support to meet your needs.

What is the process when hiring a Criminal lawyer?

When you hire a criminal lawyer at Nardi Lawyers, here's what happens, what you can expect, and the next steps.

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    Start with a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your case and receive preliminary advice.

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    Upon formal engagement, we'll schedule a detailed consultation to analyse your situation and provide personalised legal guidance.

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    After reviewing your case, we'll communicate with relevant authorities or parties, initiating discussions or responding to legal actions.

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    Nardi Lawyers stand by your side, skillfully navigating legal complexities at every step to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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As a small BIG firm, we guarantee that we will respond to all of our clients – new and existing – in a timely way so that you are not left wondering. We also offer modern pricing, such as fixed fees,so that there is no doubt how much your matter will cost and there are no surprise bills.

We are also flexible and adaptable, employing technology where possible to save time and costs, and offering an after-hours service for urgent matters. We represent clients in the suburbs, the city,and regionally. As a small firm, we take pride in delivering exceptional service – scroll down further to see what our clients have to say

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Michael and his team were honest, efficient and very friendly. Michael made sure I fully understood all the processes and papers I was signing and I was left feeling very... Read More

Sarah star

These guys stuck up for me and what I believed in and also told me straight when certain things just weren't the right way to go about it, just the... Read More

Fabian star

I highly recommend Nardi Lawyers. Michael and his team were incredibly thorough, honest and professional. So easy to deal with and highly responsive.

Danielle star

Very thankful to Nick & Nardi Lawyers for representing me and helping me keep my license without any conviction. Nick was very well prepared with the details and even the... Read More

Mahesh star

Michael and Nick handled my legal matter with total professionalism. This was my first time responding to a police matter. I was guided through the process with excellent communication and... Read More

Wayne star

I am very pleased with the legal assistance I have received from Michael and Nick. Prompt and friendly service! They also helped me in getting other legal services which I... Read More

Neha star

Michael and Nick helped me with my legal matter with friendly, professional service, always prompt to answer my calls and questions. They helped me through a stressful time and helped... Read More

Angelo star

Michael is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to provide the support and advice needed. Made himself available whenever needed, and follow up with all parties to make sure... Read More

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Michael Nardi Director/Principal Lawyer


Meet the Director and Principal of Nardi Lawyers

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Law (Honours) in 2010, I have worked extensively in the areas of criminal and family law. I have appeared in all Victorian courts, including the Supreme Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, the County Court, the Federal Circuit Court and the Magistrates’ Court. I have experience in metropolitan and regional courts, having worked within the CBD, the northern suburbs and also regionally. Nardi Lawyers service all courts in Victoria.

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Criminal Law Services
  • assault-icon

    There are many charges that fall under the category of assault. Often you will be charged with intentionally cause injury, recklessly cause injury and summary assault, all for the one incident – normally only one of these charges will proceed and it is important that we talk with police without delay – call today to discuss your matter.

    Click here to read about a case that we have handled.
  • family-violence
    Family Violence

    Offences of this nature are increasingly before the courts (as seen in the stats above) and often involve an attached intervention order where the police are the Applicant. Early advice is critical, so don’t hesitate to call us!

    Click here to read about a case that we have handled.
  • drug-driving
    Drug Offences

    Certain drug offences result in what is called ‘reverse burden of proof’ – which means that rather than the prosecution proving you are guilty beyond all reasonable doubt, you need to prove that you did not commit the offence.

    Click here to read about a case that we have handled.
  • theft-icon

    Theft can involve either a small sum of property or a large sum, but either way, it is an indictable offence. This means it is in the higher category of offences and legal advice is very important. These ‘dishonesty’ type offences can affect other aspects of your life in the future, such as insurances. If you have been charged with a minor theft, and you have limited or no prior matters, you may be eligible for Diversion.

    Click here to read about a case that we have handled. Click here to read about diversion.
  • sexual-offences
    Sexual Offences

    These matters are also increasingly before the court. Some are historic matters where the alleged incident occurred many years ago, and others are current day matters. Certain sexual offences can also result in the accused being place on the Sex Offence Register upon conviction.

    Click here to read about a case that we have handled.
  • appeals-icon

    Appeals are in the spotlight at the moment with reform on the way. Currently, you can have a complete rehearing from the Magistrates’ Court to the County Court. You are not bound by what occurred in the Magistrates’ Court and you can change your plea. We have experience in Appeals all the way to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

    Click here to read about a case that we have handled.

Criminal Law Services Offered by Our Lawyers in Craigieburn

Nardi Lawyers offers fixed fees for criminal matters and will work with you to resolve your matter as quickly as possible while achieving the best outcome based on your circumstances.

From personalised advice to representation in court, we are here for you.

Our criminal law services include but are not limited to assault and family violence charges, drug offences, theft offences, sexual offences, and appeals.

Our criminal lawyers in Craigieburn are highly experienced in dealing with criminal law matters that may affect ongoing family law proceedings. Our firm is exclusively dedicated to matters relating to criminal and family law, and we will consider the full circumstances when helping you take your next steps.

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Criminal Proceedings
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Why engage Nardi Lawyers for your criminal matter?

Criminal Law Proceedings Can Change Your Life. Find Out How Our Team Can Assist You

Seeking legal advice for criminal law proceedings could be the difference between achieving the best possible outcome and becoming embroiled in a prolonged, expensive, and ultimately life-changing process.

With hundreds of 5-star reviews, the Nardi Lawyers team is committed to achieving only the best based on your circumstances. Reach out to us today.

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