Navigate Your Separation with Help From Nardi Lawyers

Nardi Lawyers provide a range of comprehensive services to those going through a separation. Whether you’re at the beginning stages and need advice on your rights, or you’re deep into the process and need assistance with property division, or parenting issues, our dedicated team can provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Understanding the complexities and emotional toll that a separation can have, Nardi Lawyers strives to provide not only legal but also emotional support to our clients. Our aim is to uphold the dignity and respect of all involved while fighting for your best interests.

One of the most challenging bits of separation can be agreeing on how to split your assets. Our experienced team at Nardi Lawyers is here to guide you through the division of property and financial matters to ensure a fair and equitable settlement.

We listen to your concerns, advise on your rights, and help you navigate through various factors that courts consider while dividing the assets in a separation. Our expert lawyers are not just here to represent you, but also we walk with them through the process.

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Parenting Matters and Child Custody

Separation can take a toll on children, and our child-focused legal specialists aim to make this process as smooth as possible for the entire family. Nardi Lawyers assists in many family law matters, including those concerning child custody.

Our team works tirelessly with you to prepare parenting agreements, represent you in court if necessary, and ensure that the best interests of your child are always at the forefront in all negotiations and decisions.

How to Protect Your Rights During Separation

Knowing your rights during a separation can have a significant impact. Nardi Lawyers can guide you on what you’re entitled to and how to protect your best interests.

Always be open and truthful with your legal team, gather all necessary documents related to financial matters, and consult with us before making any written agreements. Remember to prioritise the welfare of your children and seek their views wherever appropriate.

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Why Choose Nardi Lawyers for Separation Matters

  • Tailored Representation

    Experience personalised representation from our expert lawyers who walk with you every step of the way.

  • Comprehensive Legal Guidance

    Benefit from our thorough understanding of family law, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the separation process.

  • Expert Asset Division

    Navigate the challenging task of dividing assets with our experienced team, ensuring a fair and equitable settlement.

  • Child-Centric Approach

    Trust our child-focused specialists to handle parenting matters and child custody with sensitivity and care.

  • Transparent Pricing

    We provide clear, transparent pricing so you know exactly what your services will cost - no surprises.

  • Rapid Response

    Count on our team for swift and attentive communication, addressing your queries promptly and efficiently.

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Our Services
Experts in Family Law

At Nardi Lawyers, our team provides comprehensive representation and services in the areas of relationship law and family law. If you need strategic advice and services regarding divorce, children’s matters, the division of assets, or any other related matters, turn to our family lawyers in Melbourne.

What is the process when hiring a family lawyer?

When you hire a family lawyer at Nardi Lawyers, here's what happens, what you can expect, and the next steps.

  • Initial

    We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation where you can receive information obligation free.

  • Further in-depth

    Following formal engagement, we will arrange an in-depth consultation together where we will provide tailored advice for your case.

  • Write to the
    Other Party

    Following review, we will write to the other party to initiate positive discussions and/or respond if you have already received a letter.

  • We Walk
    Beside You

    Whether your family law matter resolves outside of court (hopefully) or enters the legal system, Nardi Lawyers will guide you through each step.

Frequently Asked Questions about Separation Services
What kind of matters can Nardi Lawyers handle in a separation?

Our team can handle a range of separation matters, including property division, child custody and other family law matters.

What can I expect during the separation process?

Depending on your circumstances, the process can be lengthy and emotionally challenging. But our team supports you each step of the way, from understanding your rights to division of assets and child custody issues.

What are the rights of a parent during separation?

The rights vary depending on various factors such as income, health, and the child’s relationship with the parents. Our team guides you through the laws and regulations of parents rights.

How long does the legal process for separation take?

The time taken for the process invariably depends upon the complexity of your personal circumstances. We aim to help you resolve the matter as quickly and amicably as possible.

What makes Nardi Lawyers different from other law firms?

Our goal is not just to represent you, but also to guide you throughout your separation process. We provide professional and empathetic advice, along with no surprises.

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