Expert Legal Service for Drug Driving Cases in Victoria

At Nardi Lawyers, we understand that facing a drug driving charge can be a daunting experience filled with uncertainty. Our team of experienced legal practitioners specialises in drug driving offences, providing our clients with the knowledge, understanding, and legal expertise to navigate through the process.

From the moment you engage our services, we dedicate ourselves to offer personalised legal assistance. Our lawyers meticulously examine all aspects of your case, advising you on the best course of action, possible outcomes, and how to minimise any penalties associated with your charge.

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Comprehensive Legal Services for Drug Driving Cases

We provide a broad range of legal services to assist clients facing drug driving charges. This includes legal advice, court representation, plea negotiations, and applications for work licenses.

Our services extend to handling cases related to drug driving offences under the influence of prescription medicines or illicit substances. In complex scenarios, we also liaise with medical professionals to understand and present the underlying circumstances of your case.

No matter the complexity of your case, we consistently strive to present strong, well-structured defences to ensure your rights and interests are fiercely protected.

Guiding You Through The Legal Process

Understanding the legal proceedings related to drug driving charges can be complex. We aim to simplify this process for you. From the initial consultation to court appearances, we guide you every step of the way.

  • Understanding the charges levelled against you
  • Explaining your legal rights and options
  • Preparing for court appearances
  • Negotiating with prosecution to achieve favourable outcomes
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Why Choose Nardi Lawyers for Your Drug Driving Case

  • Dedicated Professionals

    Our lawyers have exceptional knowledge and understanding of drug driving laws.

  • Personalised Approach

    Every case is unique, and we tailor our services to suit your individual needs.

  • Extensive Experience

    We have a strong track-record of representing clients in drug driving cases with positive outcomes.

  • Prompt and Responsive

    Our commitment to client service means we respond to your calls and emails quickly and efficiently.

  • Transparent

    No hidden charges. We provide clear quotes upfront, without any surprises down the track.

  • Innovative Strategies

    We constantly think outside the box to provide the best possible defence for your case.

Our Services
Experts in Traffic Law

At Nardi Lawyers, our skilled team of traffic lawyers in Melbourne offers expert representation for a range of traffic law matters. Whether you're dealing with traffic offences, license suspensions, DUI charges, or seeking legal advice on road-related issues, we provide tailored legal support to protect your rights and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Driving
What are the penalties for drug driving offences?

Penalties can vary depending on the severity of the offence and prior convictions. They can range from fines and demerit points to license suspensions and imprisonment.

Can I refuse a drug test?

Refusal to submit for a drug test can result in serious offences and hefty penalties.

What if I am on prescribed medication?

If you are on prescribed medication that can impair your ability to drive, it’s essential to discuss this with your doctor. You may still be charged if your driving is influenced.

How long will a conviction stay on my record?

A conviction can stay on your record for a significant period. This will depend on the specific offence and its circumstances.

Can a lawyer help to reduce my sentence?

Experienced lawyers like Nardi Lawyers can indeed build a strong defence and work towards a favourable outcome – even a reduced sentence, depending on the specifics of the case.

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