Criminal Law
October 27, 2022

The following case study is an example of the kind of Theft matters we deal with at Nardi Lawyers.

The Charges

Our client was facing one charge of Theft.

Our client had no criminal priors at the time of the offending.

What the police alleged

Our client allegedly stole a number of items from a store.

How Nardi Lawyers helped

Upon review of the preliminary brief and other police material, it was clear that our client had committed the offence. From here, we focused on how we could get our client the best possible outcome.

As our client had no criminal priors, we began negotiations with the Prosecution and suggested that Diversion was appropriate.

The Prosecution accepted our position. In Diversion cases, getting the approval of the Prosecution is only the first hurdle. The Magistrate in Court must also agree that Diversion is suitable.


Our client pleaded guilty to the Theft charge and had a Diversion hearing.

In Court, we tendered character references and gave submissions on our client’s behalf after significant preparation and detailed interviews with our client.

In Diversion hearings, it is important to be well prepared and provide significant detail on the client’s personal circumstances, why the offence occurred and why it will not happen again.
Our client was found suitable for Diversion by the Magistrate and was placed on a 3 month Diversion Plan with conditions to pay compensation to the store and write them a letter of apology.

If you have been charged with similar offences, we recommend that you call our office today, so we can help you achieve the best outcome possible.

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