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Can You Get Legal Aid for Family Law in Victoria?

In Australia, access to justice is a fundamental right; all individuals have the means to seek legal assistance regardless of their financial situation. Legal Aid, provided by the government through state and territory Legal Aid Commissions, plays an important role in this regard.

Although it can vary from state to state, you can seek legal aid in Victoria for the following matters: 

  • Child protection
  • Child support
  • Family dispute resolution
  • Family violence
  • Independent children’s lawyers
  • Parenting disputes

Read on to explore what defines legal aid, eligibility criteria, and the scope of services on offer. Please note: for the purpose of this article, we will primarily delve into the specifics of legal aid for family law in Victoria.


Understanding Legal Aid in Australia

Legal Aid encompasses a range of free legal services, including legal information, referrals, and even minor assistance in certain cases. This assistance extends to various legal matters, including family law, criminal law, and some civil law cases. Legal Aid also provides grants for legal representation to eligible individuals (subject to means and merits tests).

In the state of Victoria, individuals facing family law issues may be eligible for legal aid services. InVictoria, these services operate under the Legal Aid Act 1978 and aims to provide accessible justice to those who may not have the financial means to hire private lawyers.


Eligibility for Legal Aid

To qualify for Legal Aid in Australia, individuals must meet certain criteria, including a means test that assesses their financial situation. Additionally, each state and territory has its own guidelines for Legal Aid approval, so the specific requirements may vary. Generally, Legal Aid is available to those who cannot afford private legal representation and whose legal matters fall within the Commission’s guidelines.

For cases that involve domestic violence, remote residency, or individuals with disabilities or other disadvantages, special circumstances guidelines may apply. These guidelines consider factors beyond financial means when assessing eligibility for Legal Aid.

Do you want to know if you are eligible or not for legal aid? As trusted family lawyers in Mernda, Frankston and South Morang, Nardi Lawyers can help you make sense of the legal system. Send our friendly team a message or call 0491 626 283. 


Types of Legal Aid for Family Law in Victoria 

Victoria Legal Aid offers assistance for family law matters, ranging from legal advice to representation in court. This includes services such as the Family Relationship Advice Line, which provides free information and advice on family law issues. Additionally, Community Legal Centres (CLCs) across Australia offer support to those who cannot obtain assistance from Legal Aid.

Below, we will break down the types of assistance offered by Victoria Legal Aid family lawyers: 


Child protection

Victoria Legal Aid and the Victorian child protection system is designed to advance children’s best interests. They strive to achieve this by prioritising that individuals, particularly children, young people, and parents affected by decisions or actions of the child protection system, are:

  • informed
  • supported to participate, or have a voice, in decisions that affect them
  • have their rights protected and upheld, and
  • are treated fairly and according to law.

They provide legal information, advice and representation, as well as community legal education designed to help protect and promote the rights of children, young people and parents before, during and after child protection proceedings.


Child support

Victoria Legal Aid prioritises the financial security of parents and the well-being of their children. Additionally, they aim to prevent the continuation of family violence, especially economic and systemic abuse, following separation.

They provide legal help in the following ways:

  • child support and adult child maintenance to ensure that children of separated parents are financially supported in accordance with the law
  • spousal maintenance where a separated person is unable to adequately support themselves, and their former partner has capacity to pay.

Victoria Legal Aid has established our first legal and financial counselling partnership at Victoria Legal Aid, through a pilot with Good Shepherd Australia.


Family dispute resolution

Family law legal aid is also available for family dispute resolution. Facilitated by Victoria Legal Aid, family lawyers offer timely, legally assisted family dispute resolution services to vulnerable individuals. Their assistance extends to separated families, helping them navigate the best interests of their children through case management, assessment, preparation, and referrals. Additionally, they facilitate conferences led by experienced chairpersons and offer access to the child-inclusive Kids Talk program when deemed appropriate.

For more information see Victoria Legal Aid Family Dispute Resolution Service. If you’re still struggling to make sense of legal aid and what you are eligible for, reach out to Nardi Lawyers. We’re the leading family lawyers in Mernda and we’re here to help. 


Family violence

Victoria Legal Aid plays a vital role in the safety of adults and children affected by family violence, aiming to reduce its prevalence. This involves offering legal information, advice, and representation to impacted individuals, including acting on behalf of clients in various courts such as the Family Law Courts, the Children’s Court, and the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.

Furthermore, they actively participate in public discourse regarding the policies and practices of Australian courts and governments concerning family violence. By engaging in this dialogue, they seek to influence positive changes that better protect and support victims of family violence.


Independent children’s lawyers

Victoria Legal Aid extends support to children at risk of harm in Family Law Court proceedings, particularly due to the conduct of one or both parents. Their objective is to safeguard the welfare of these children by advocating for judicial officers to make well-informed decisions grounded in the best available evidence. Furthermore, they strive to ensure that any arrangements ordered by the court are unequivocally aligned with the children’s best interests, fostering environments conducive to their safety and well-being.


Parenting disputes

Victoria Legal Aid offers information, advice, and representation to separating or separated couples embroiled in disputes concerning their children’s living and care arrangements. In instances where high levels of conflict persist and resolution remains elusive through family dispute resolution services, Victoria Legal Aid may facilitate access to the Family Law Courts.

Their primary objective is to establish safe, functional, and child-centred parenting and care arrangements, prioritising the well-being and best interests of the children involved.


The Bottom Line

In summary, Legal Aid in Australia provides essential support for individuals facing family law issues, granting a pathway to justice regardless of financial circumstances. Through grants of Legal Aid, free legal advice services, and community legal assistance, individuals can take control of complex legal matters with confidence.

While eligibility criteria and available resources may vary by jurisdiction, the overarching principle remains: legal assistance is accessible to those in need, particularly in family law matters where vulnerability and complexity often intersect.


Available Resources: Family Lawyers in Greater Melbourne

Aside from Legal Aid, individuals seeking legal assistance for family law matters can turn to private legal practitioners, including family law specialists. State and Territory law societies and bar associations provide accreditation for family law specialists, offering a resource for finding qualified legal representation.

If you require legal assistance or advice for a serious family matter, our experienced family lawyers in South Morang are here to help. At Nardi Lawyers, we offer comprehensive services covering all aspects of family and relationship law, including divorce, property, and child custody matters.







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